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Mandatory since January 2010.

Industrial operators became responsible, not only for cleaning costs resulting from pollution caused by their facilities, but also for damage caused to natural resources, habitats and species, including costs to restore the environment and other natural conditions prior to the damage that occurred. .

When the harmful activity is attributable to a legal person, the foreseen obligations affect jointly and severally the respective directors, managers or administrators of the company.

Traditional general liability insurance with extended coverage for sudden and accidental pollution does not respond to these new legal responsibilities.

It aims to protect managers against claims and compensation claims arising from management acts, safeguarding the personal assets and reputation of directors and directors.

Insurance that guarantees damages caused to third parties arising from the exercise of the company’s activity.

The damages caused by the supplied or manufactured products or the costs of removing the defective products from the market, are covered.

Protects the Insured person and their company from claims made by third parties arising from their professional activities.

It protects event organizers from damages resulting from accidents caused involuntarily to third parties during an event (fairs, congresses, sports activities).

It guarantees the payment of compensation for damages caused to third parties in the capacity of owner/tenant of the building or fraction.


Insurance that guarantees the accounting losses related to the downtime period, decrease in working capacity, or additional expenses, resulting from a claim covered by the Multi-Risk Policy.

It guarantees all risks of loss or material damage suffered by the insured assets and that occur suddenly and accidentally, generally including expenses with removal, rescue and assistance of people and material; with the material replacement of archives; and reconstruction, replacement of damaged molds and dies.

It guarantees the damage suffered by machines, whether they are working or at rest, to be reassembled or dismantled, as a result of an accident.

For a simple trip or for regular expeditions, Transported Goods Insurance protects the interests of the various parties involved in the commercial activity in the face of events that may cause damage to goods in transit.

Compulsory insurance, with regard to Civil Liability towards third parties, including passengers transported free of charge, with a minimum limit of € 6,450,000 for personal injury and € 1,300,000 for material damage.

Computer attacks can cause various damages to the company, which may see its activity interrupted, be the target of fraud or extortion attempts or cause damages to third parties, which may have to compensate.


Compulsory insurance that aims to ensure that employees are compensated for damage resulting from accidents, during working hours or on the way to and from the workplace.

It is the formality that ensures that all conditions included in the initial insurance are extended to the country of destination not initially included in the insurance certificate.

Assistance for a variety of situations: having a flat tire, running out of fuel, losing your keys, not being able to drive, needing a replacement car, needing medical care or medication abroad.

Insurance that guarantees the payment of compensation in the event of Death, Permanent Disability, Medical Expenses, etc. of the Insured Person as a result of an Accident.

Insurance that guarantees the payment of medical expenses such as hospitalization, appointments, treatments and exams, medicines, etc.

It protects you and your family in the event of death, disability or serious illness.