Our history began in June 1994 and since then IFC Broker, S.A. has always distinguished itself in the national insurance market, thanks to the group of experienced professionals who are part of it.

From the area of Credit Insurance to Factoring, IFC Broker, S.A. is today one of the leaders in the sector at national level, winning merit awards and the trust of more and more companies, through the efficiency, rigour and know-how of its team.

Also in the area of General Insurance (Cars, Accidents at Work, Civil Liabilities, Multi-risks, etc.) the role of IFC Broker, S.A. is central to the development of effective risk management programs.

Our focus in all areas is the daily monitoring of cost reduction and coverage increase. IFC Broker, S.A. is side by side with the companies to guarantee their tranquility and security and, thus, establish solid relationships based on trust and transparency.

All this without having any cost for companies.

The philosophy and reason for existence of IFC Broker, S.A. are mirrored in its slogan:

Because safety is a strategic value!

IFC Broker

For over 25 years by your side.
Because security is a strategic value!

Technical skill

Our human resources are prepared, from a technical-legal point of view, to evaluate the the variety of market offer’s and to provide professional advice, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

IFC Broker
IFC Broker


Our experience, oriented to your company, allows you to have access to the best prices and coverage in the entire market. With a global and independent positioning, we provide, on a daily basis, a consulting service of excellence.

Our service does not imply any cost to your company.


Our strategy is to create and maintain solid relationships of trust. This is only possible with an attitude of transparency and complete commitment to the defense of our clients’ interests. That’s what they all expect of us, and that’s what we’re committed to.

We create value for your company.

IFC Broker