IFC Broker - Seguro de créditos

Global market assessment and specialized technical management.

With Credit Insurance you will grow, in a solid and consistent way, and you will also protect the big risks of your business.

Protect your current account balances, guaranteeing the right to be compensated, in the event your customer does not pay – Coverage of the Internal and External Markets.

  • Accept only healthy deals, based on prior, rigorous and global financial analysis.

  • Monitor the financial solvency of your customers.

  • Access a collection network with a worldwide presence. If collection is not possible, you will receive compensation.

  • Get the best prices and coverage and have a professional support in the management of your contract.

  • Get access to bank financing more easily and at a lower cost.

  • Promote a culture of sustained growth in your company.

Infocrédito System

If you sell on credit to Portugal or to any other part of the world, beware of the risk of not receiving your money.

Insuring a company’s greatest assets is the guarantee of a solid and consistent future. Our vocation is to be by your side to advise you on finding a path of sustained growth, protected from threats and defaults.

This online platform is made available exclusively by IFC Broker, being an excellent management tool, which complements the quality of our services.

More effective management with absolute control.
  • Global, dynamic and comparative assessment of the guarantees established for its customers.

  • Quick access to the contractual conditions in force for each annuity and receipt checking.

  • Automatic alerts on all procedural obligations.

  • Acquisition of Financial Risk Analysis reports.

  • Online monitoring of all collection actions.

To have access to Infocrédito, you only need a Login and Password that will be made available to you by IFC Broker.

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