IFC Broker - Seguros Caução

Guarantee of good compliance with legal or contractual obligations towards third parties. The Surety Bond allows the company to provide a guarantee to third parties as a way of ensuring compliance with its legal or contractual obligations. It increases the company’s credibility and the diversification of the guarantees provided, as well as reducing dependence on banks, releasing ceilings for other purposes. The speed in issuing guarantees is a relevant factor for the completion of business.

Onde se aplica e o que garante:
  • CONTRACTS AND SUPPLIES – guarantees the fulfillment of contracts established with public or private entities;

  • CUSTOMS – for the fulfillment of customs duties (such as Customs Clearance);

  • PAYMENTS – ensures payment obligations, provision of services or delivery of goods under the terms of the signed contract;

  • OTHERS – safeguards the fulfillment of other obligations towards third parties (such as VAT Refunds, Sweepstakes, Auctions).